Pixelated Commerce

Over 20 years in this space

Has taught us a few things and it could be said that we ended up where we are today though experience, both in our own endeavours and through those of our client’s.

90% of the time setting up a web site is a multi stage process. First you need to find someone to design the site for you, then you have to organise hosting – the place where your site will live. Generally the two are not related, so once your site’s done and live, you are left to your own devices to sort things out when they go wrong; hosting providers will not sort out your site issues and most site designers are busy designing and don’t like dealing with nitty gritty of server issues in the time frame they need usually to be dealt with.

Our turnkey solutions are based on hard earned experience – everything we do works because they are based on our own needs and experiences. We build your website, from the ground up, using the WordPress platform tuning it to work flawlessly with our hosting environment . Our experience has proven, over and over again, there are too many unknown variables that can affect performance with unknown hosting – that $10/month hosting package sounded really good until you find your site goes off line because the server is overloaded, or worse!

Pixelated Commerce is as much about managing what it means to keep your small business online as it is about designing and hosting websites.

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