Q&A about our services

We are sure you have questions...

How long does it take?

If you have all your assets (images, text etc.) together and ready to hand over, a site will generally will take anywhere from 7 to 14 days to complete, depending on size and client stage approvals.

I need help planning my site!

Need some help getting started in planning your new website?  Our website design guide can help.

Can I change the design of my site?

Yes! After your site has been made live, you may change the design of your site anytime you wish.

You can elect to do it yourself, ask us to work with you, or engage another agency.

Can you show me your work?

We certainly can but we don't have a page showing all the sites we have done.

The reasons for this are several fold, but we have a folio we can send you that demonstrates the sites we have done, with a bit of a background for each.

As you have probably gathered, every site is different and is far more than just what you see on the screen, so explaining the background behind each site is often an important starting point.

How much control do I have?

You have full control and ownership of your site, meaning you can change, add, delete any aspect of it any time you wish. If you are paying for hosting only, you can move it to another provider at any time.

Our only caveat is that we reserve the right to veto the installation of some WordPress plugins, as in some cases low use, and/or free plugins can cause problems with your site, or pose security issues for the server.

For clients on pay per month, we limit certain functions/access, such as the ability to download the site files or database for the the period of the contract; this can of course be changed at any time if the contract is paid out in full.

Will my site work on mobile?


All sites we deploy are fully mobile responsive, so look great on desk tops, tablets and phones.

Will my site appear in Google/search engines?

This has become a question of 'how long is a piece of string'!

Once upon a time, getting your page to rank well in search results was fairly easy. Today though, it's become a lot harder and far more complicated – there are businesses set up that only develop and implement SEO programs for websites.

We provide solid initial  'search engine optimisation' setup and the tools to track and build on it. We do not though guarantee that your site will appear on the first page of search results... or even the third; and any agency that says you will, without a full external SEO service, is telling you porkies.

Do you write custom code/functions?

Generally we try to avoid any sort of custom code in our websites. The reasons for this are based on our own experiences having designed, used and maintained WordPress sites with custom coded implementations.

With the WordPress ecosystem always being updated, and improved, we found that single sites with custom functions proved problematic for the long term. Sites we took over, where the previous agency implemented unsupported custom additions often had to be rebuilt, where the custom code was no longer compatible with the current version of WordPress, or where it was causing issues with other aspects of the site.

We work to the principle of implementing commercial extensions, built and maintained by companies that have not only a large user base but also are constantly improving what they do. This ensures what we implement into the sites we design and build will always be current and supported.

It is also why we supply a range of commercial extensions as part of our hosting packages.

Do you use off-shore design and build services?

Absolutely not. Never.

We have had to fix, or deal with, too many clients that have had site work done off-shore and then had to deal with the ramifications afterwards. We know better than to think saving a few dollars does not come with strings attached.

If we can't use local talent and skills, we don't do it.

What do you need from me to get started?

To get started building your new website, we will need what we call all your 'assets'. This will include the pages (and page titles), and all the content, both text and any images.

While things can be changed at any time, we generally will not start a site build until we have all the assets.

We created a simple guide to help you get started.

How much time will I need to dedicate to get everything started?

Some clients can spend only a few days to organise all their required assets, others may take several weeks.

To keep the momentum going, our suggestion is that you set time aside each day and try and to put it altogether in a week.

Can you supply the photos and write all the text for me?

We generally will not copywrite from the ground up, or source images, unless we have discussed this with you prior to starting.

That said, we will gladly help you refine your text and point you in the right direction to find images if you don't have any. 

I want to move my site somewhere else

You are able to move your site from your Pixelated Commerce hosting to any other server, anytime you wish.

  • If you are paying by the month, you will need to pay the outstanding balance before we can release your site files.
  • If you are only paying for hosting, or have paid for your site upfront, you can move your site anytime.

When moving, we can provide you with all the server based files and the database of information, ready to set up on another server. Please note that any plugins that we include as part of our site hosting are non transferable. We will provide you with a the list of plugins you are using and where you can purchase them from.

What is the 'setup period'?

You'll notice when you place your order, in the cart it will say "with a X day setup period".

The setup period is the amount of time we allow to setup your hosting or to build your site. Your first installment is automatically charged after this period.

Do I have to pay monthly?

Not at all. While our pay by the month program suits many clients, you can pay for your site in 'one go*' and your hosting annually.


*We work to a 50% upfront payment and a 50% prior to launch.

What happens if I miss a monthly payment?

All monthly payments are automated and bill your credit card directly, so missing a monthly payment should not be an issue.

If a payment does not go through, the system will try again in a few days. If after this point, a payment still does not go through, we will let you know something's wrong with your card.

Accounts that are not resolved in two months are suspended until the account is settled in full.

Who owns the site if I cancel my plan?

If you want to cancel your site plan before the end of the 12 month period, you may do so but will forfeit the rights to your website.

If you are paying by the month and want to move your site from Pixelated Commerce to another hosting provider, before the 12 month contract has ended, you will need to pay the outstanding balance before we can release the files and site data.

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