Support Packs

The simplest design and technical support system available

Designed to be simple to understand and fast to action.

All our clients have access to our unique support system, meaning anytime they need creative or technical help,
we are here for them.

How does it work?

Need some help designing a new element for your website, or maybe you need some technical help (that's outside our included maintenance) to assess and install some new functionality for your site? Maybe you just want to add some new pages and don't feel comfortable doing it yourself?

Pixelated Commerce's 'Support Pack' system makes it easy.

Contact us and let us know what you need. We'll work out what's required and tell you the support level needed to complete the job, you simply then order it below. Once the order's in, we'll get your job under way.

Need help?

Ned some support? Contact us using the email form or call us on  02 8012 1195 to get the ball rolling. We will go over any questions you may have, as well as discuss your specific needs, ensuring we deliver the best solution for you.

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